About the office


The mission of the Johns Hopkins Office of Economic Development is to empower individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and businesses to reach peak economic health through state and local investments in employment, education and training, and to address public health, safety, and community revitalization in sustainable and innovative ways.

The Johns Hopkins Office of Economic Development vision paves the way for communities in and around the Hopkins enterprise to achieve its greatest potential and attain a better quality of life by increasing access to diverse, equitable, and lucrative opportunities. To do this, we focus on three pillars -

1. Economic Development Increasing economic growth and opportunity by bringing new resources into the region, which in turn fuel growth in local markets and among local-serving businesses.

2. Economic Inclusion and Impact Creating equal opportunity for all members of society to participate in the economic life of their community as employers or employees, entrepreneurs, consumers, citizens, homeowners, etc.

3. Economic Innovation and Strategy Investing in research and development in education, health and social initiatives, helping clusters of firms collaborate to develop new products and solutions—all contribute to the health and dynamism of an innovation ecosystem.